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Katy Hobbs

Hello, I was wondering whether this piece could be available as a print to purchase? Thanks

Simon Mellor

From Sun 22 Oct – anytime during the two weeks after, thank you.

Catherine Price

I was wondering if this picture is framed.I look forward to hearing from you.

Catherine Driscoll

I’m interested in purchasing an original painting showing Ombersley for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. They were married in Ombersley church and are longstanding fans of David Birtwhistle – and already have some of his paintings, including one of Ombersley church and one of cows. My mother grew up in Hadley and her mother then moved to Ombersley where she lived for many years. My brothers and I liked this picture showing buildings from Ombersley and obviously the cricket scene – but perhaps you may have other suggestions. The anniversary is 23 June, so we would be looking to buy and collect a painting before then. Many thanks for your help and suggestions, Catherine

Sarah Watkins

Is this an original and is it still available to purchase? Thank you.

Sarah Watkins

Is this an original and is it still available? Thank you.

Stefania Bennett

Hi David We met at one of the Three Counties Shows a few years ago – my husband and I farm where you sat to paint this lovely painting. I believe your family used to own our farm before Robert Bennett bought it after WWI? We saw a print of this painting at the autumn show today and it is lovely. We would love to buy it if available and can find the funds. Does the price include a frame? And what is your best price for it considering it would be going to a living home? Best wishes, Stef